Beretta 92 Compact Lamo Camo Checkered

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Beretta 92 Compact Lamo Camo Checkered
Sku: 93411

Please note: Due to the nature of wood and wood laminate, each Lamo Camo grip is unique in figure and color. The pictures above may not represent the grips that are in current inventory.

Lamo Camo Variance

Will NOT Fit:
- Type M (single stack) pistols

Fitting Instructions
- Requires use of stock screws. We also offer aftermarket screws in slotted or hex head with a black or satin stainless steel finish.
- Do not use stock star washers with Hogue grips. They will not fit.
- Grip screws should be torqued to 12 inch/lbs. Blue Loctite is suggested on the threads