Detective Special. SF-VI, Lamo Camo Checkered

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Detective Special. SF-VI, Lamo Camo Checkered
Sku: 48403

Please note: Due to the nature of wood and wood laminate, each Lamo Camo grip is unique in figure and color. The pictures above may not represent the grips that are in current inventory.

Lamo Camo Variance Revolver


This grips fits the below "D" frame revolvers that are made after 1966.

Steel Frame Revolvers (Serial #D900101 and above)
 • DS II
 • Lady Special
 • Magnum Carry
 • SF-VI

Will NOT fit pre-1966 models with longer grip frame that has rounded bottom corners. Verify your frame by measuring distance from rear sideplate screw to grip stock-pin. Older/longer frame is approx. 3 1/4", while the newer/short frame is approx. 2 5/8".