Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed Blade Knives

Hogue’s fixed blade designs have been developed to meet the requirements of professionals and adventurers alike.

The robust EX-F01 comes in two sizes and lends itself well to demanding tasks. It is available with different materials and finishes for a low key visual footprint. Each EX-F01 is paired with a matching heavy duty Ballistic Nylon sheath. The sheaths have webbing on the front and back and can be expanded on with our MOLLE pouches. A length of paracord is included.

The EX-F02 has been developed with the outdoorsman in mind. A carefully considered grip supports your choice of two blade types for all your utility and sporting needs. This knife ships with an innovative ambidextrous Auto Retention sheath made from Super Tough Nylon.

For smaller discreet carry or as a backup tool, there are the EX-F03 models. Full steel handles are available with a neck knife style sheath while scaled editions ship with the neck knife and rotatable belt sheath. Neck knife sheaths are made from Boltaron® while the belt sheath is made from Super Tough Nylon.

Diverse blade profiles and coatings can be had ensuring our fixed blade line has a model suited to your specific application.

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