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  • Medium Double Pistol Bag & 10/22 Takedown / AR Tactical Bag

    9/6/2019  |  Gear Bags

    Hogue Incorporated unveils their Double Pistol and 10/22 Takedown / AR Tactical Bags as the hottest additions to the Hogue Gear line. Hogue Gear bags are field tested to guarantee durability and optimal function. These bags were designed using a simple utilitarian aesthetic to securely transport firearms and accessories.

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  • Ruger Security-9 Compact HandALL Beavertail Grip Sleeves

    8/6/2019  |  Handguns

    Hogue Inc. is pleased to announce their new HandALL® Beavertail Grip Sleeve specifically designed for the Ruger® Security-9® Compact. Creating rubber grip sleeves for polymer pistols is nothing new for the Hogue family. “Back in the 90’s at tradeshows, customers would say, ‘Too bad you can’t make a grip for polymer pistols.’ Well, that‘s a sure-fire way to get a Hogue to do something - tell us we can’t! We felt compelled to solve this problem, and that same innovation continues to drive us forward today,” explained company owner Patrick Hogue.

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  • HK Fray Fixed Blade


    The HK Fray® provides the user with a comfortable grip while performing strenuous cutting activies in the field with its thumb ramp jimping, integral finger detent and paracord wrapped frame. Included is a black polymer automatic retention sheath, ensuring the knife is continually at the ready when the moment arrives.

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  • Springfield Armory XD-E HandALL Beavertail Grip Sleeves

    6/20/2019  |  Handguns

    Hogue Incorporated has crafted their latest HandALL® Beavertail Grip Sleeves to fit the Springfield Armory® XD-E. This HandALL line is the direct result of the company’s determination to meet the needs of a vast and ever-changing consumer market. “Over the past few years we have received a significant amount of requests for grips designed specifically to be compatible with polymer framed firearms. Hogue engineers have spent months meticulously developing and testing a precision fit model for the XD-E. Now that the wait is over, we are eager to let Hogue fans know,” explained Kara Ramage, head of Hogue Inc.’s customer service department.

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  • HK Mini Incursion Out The Front Automatic

    6/12/2019  |  Knives

    The new HK Knives Mini Incursion® has uncompromising dependability, whether you’re in the field or punching the clock. With a steadfast thrust, the push pull release has an ultra-smooth firing action. A stout blade and machined aluminum handle enhace usability, providing confidence to gloved hands under pressure. A key utility feature of the knife is its carbide tip glass breaker with a reversible deep pocket carry clip.

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