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  • Remington 700 with Badger Inlet

    4/1/2016  |  Rifles

    Hogue Incorporated is pleased to announce their OverMolded® rubber stock for the Remington 700 that now accommodates an Accuracy International (AICS) detachable box magazine. With the growing popularity of using a detachable box magazine with bolt action rifles, Hogue manufactured a stock that comes cut with what’s known as a “Badger inlet” and readily accepts M5 pattern bottom metal for a detachable box magazine.

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  • EX-F02 Tumbled Finish Blades

    3/22/2016  |  Knives

    Hogue Inc. is proud to announce the tumbled finish version of the renowned EX-F02. When the EX-F02 was first released in early 2015, it was offered in a black finish and the blade was made of A2 tool steel. Hogue Inc. now offers the same rugged knife with a tumble finished blade, adding to the overall utility of the knife and offering a cosmetic alternative. “One of the great things about the tumbled finish is that it conceals blemishes or scratches on the blade after use as well as being easier to clean,” said co-owner Neil Hogue. “Also, the black Cerakote® look isn’t for everyone, so now there’s another option depending
    on personal preference.”

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  • AR-15 G10 15° Vertical Grips

    2/5/2016  |  AR-15/M16

    Hogue Inc. is proud to announce the newest tactical advantage for AR-15 and M16 shooters. Structurally crafted to be one of the most light weight grips of its type, and ergonomically engineered to be the most comfortable fit, the Hogue G10 AR-15 / M16 15 degree vertical grip is the obvious choice for any tactical rifle aficionado.

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