AR-15 / M-16: OverMolded Collapsible Buttstock Assembly (Fits Mil-Spec Buffer Tube) - Red Lava

Availability: In Production ? This item is not immediately available, but is currently in production. You can still order this item, and our customer service team will provide a delivery timeframe.
IMPORTANT: Please note that due to the OverMolding process, each Red Lava grip is unique in color and marbling.
The fourth picture above shows a sampling of the acceptable color range.

• Precision fit for military specification buffer tubes (diameter = 1.15" / length = 7.25")
• Material: OverMolded® rubber / reinforced polymer
• Color: Red Lava

• Perfect compatibility with Hogue OverMolded grips and forends
• Light-weight skeletonized reinforced polymer construction
• Anti-rattle and beard-safe design
• Collapses to user's preferred shoulder position
• Polymer cap provides snag-free shouldering
• Rubber/polymer hybrid butt pad cushions recoil
• Multiple swivel sleeve and sling mounting positions