HandALL Beavertail Grip Sleeve - OD Green

for Taurus PT-111 Millenium G2, G2C, G3C & G3XL
also fits Taurus PT-709
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+ Precision fit for Taurus PT-111 Millenium G2, G2C, G3C & G3XL
+ Material: Rubber
+ Texture: Cobblestone
+ Color: Olive Drab Green

+ Gentle palm swells fit comfortably in hand
+ Finger grooves naturally position fingers for optimal grip
+ Textured with Hogue's famous Cobblestone pattern for increased comfort and grip
+ Beavertail cushions the hand on recoil and offers increased hand comfort higher on the grip
+ Made from long-lasting durable thermoplastic elastomer that ages gracefully for years of service
+ Designed for a tight and secure fit engaging with the texture and contours of the firearm's frame

This grip will also fit and function well on the following firearms, though not specifically designed for a precision fit: 
+ Taurus PT-709