Manual Knives

Manual Knives

Hogue Manual folders represent the culmination of our experience, resulting in superior balance, finish and function. They have been engineered from the ground up to tackle any cutting task. Models come in a smaller EDC (every day carry) size and there’s also a larger edition.

All of the materials are sourced in the USA. The blades are 154 CM or CPM154 stain resistant steel that is cryogenically heat treated to a Rockwell of 57-59 then hand honed to a razor sharp edge. Select blades are available with a stonewash while others have a matte, abrasion and corrosion resistant kiln baked Cerakote™.

The handles of our folders are offered in a variety of high quality materials that offer exceptional wear resistance and beauty. Each grip is carefully sculpted for outstanding ergonomics, ensuring that your Hogue knife is comfortable and secure in use.

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