Mossberg 500 20 Gauge OverMolded Shotgun Stock kit with forend

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- A flat washer MUST be used with the factory stock bolt. A washer is included with the stock. The Hogue stock is designed to reuse the factory stock bolt with the addition of the flat washer.
- The stock bolt (not included) is a 5 ½”long 5/16” – 18 TPI with a flat washer, available at any quality hardware store, gun parts retailer, or from Mossberg directly. You must use this bolt when changing from a pistol grip or Tamer to a butt stock. Tamers/Pistol grips use a short bolt that is included with the Tamer (no washer needed).
- Action slide tube for forend is 6 ¾” long
- Will not fit 7 ½” or 4 3/4” action slide tube

Also fits:
- Model 590A1
- Maverick model 88
- Other Mossberg pump shotguns that are copies or variations of the 500.

Does not fit:
- 12ga, 16ga, or .410 bore shotguns
- 510 Mini
- 930 series or any other auto shotgun.
- Break open guns
- Flex system shotguns

7 ½” and 4 3/4" action bars need to be replaced with a 6 3/4" action bar. These can be purchased from Brownell's.
Slide Tube Assembly: #631-000-088WB
Action Slide Tube Nut: #631-000-085WB
- Weight (with washer): 1 lb, 1.22 oz
- Length of pull: 14”
- Recoil pad is 1” thick
- Stock Drop: Drop at front of comb as measured from center line of the barrel is 1 1/2”, and drop at heel is 2 1/2”

- Weight: 5.60 oz