Red Laser Enhanced Grip for 1911 Officers Model: Checkered Reinforced Hardwood - Rosewood

Laser Enhanced Grip Red Laser - Officers Model 1911 Reinforced Rosewood Checkered
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• Precision fit for 1911 Officers, Compact & Clones models
• Material: Reinforced hardwood
• Texture: Checkered
• Color: Rosewood

• 630-670 nm<5mW Class 2HZ 3R
• Ruggedized 4mW laser diode designed to withstand recoil
• Internal programmable micro-processor for flashing, stealth target and steady models with 4 levels of laser brightness
• Re-sighting is not required with battery changes

• Natural grip button activation
• Windage and elevation adjustment screws
• Frame plates are fastened to the frame as the grip fits over the plates
• Designed for a tight and secure fit engaging with the texture and contours of the firearm's frame

U.S. PATENTS: 9,243,865 B1, 9,453,702 B2, 9,791,240 B2