SIG SAUER P226: OverMolded Rubber Grip with Finger Grooves - Black

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• Precision fit for SIG SAUER® P226 DA/SA and DAK models
• Material: OverMolded® rubber with finger grooves
• Texture: Cobblestone
• Color: Black

Will Also Fit:
• P226 MK25
• P226 E2. Remove the E2 grips to expose the screw holes. You must purchase grips screws in addition to the new grips. This retrofits the 226 E2 back to standard 226 grip dimensions.

Will NOT Fit:
• All-around models.
• 226 LEGION (The controls were made to hug tighter to the frame than standard 226 models. The slide release will not function on the Legion with Hogue grips installed)

- For optimal performance of an older SIG P226 with Hogue Grips, it is recommended that the the trigger return spring be replaced with the "new" style spring which is available from SIG. SIG redesigned the 226 frame in the mid-1990s and the new pistols come with a redesigned trigger return spring. SIG encourages the use of this new spring on older guns.

- Grip screws should be torqued to 13-15 inch lbs. Blue loctite is suggested on the threads.